Sterilo+ Antimicrobial Copper Overlays

Antimicrobial copper protection has been proven to be the most effectively natural killer of bacteria and viruses. Adding our Sterilo+ Antimicrobial copper overlays to areas of high touch areas such as doors, equipment or push buttons will help keep your workplace safe.

Retrofit protection for high touch areas such as doors, equipment or push buttons, are supplied as a removable, easy-stick overlay. The inherent properties of antimicrobial copper will destroy harmful microbes, improving the safety and wellbeing of your staff.

Suitable for use in medical, transport, commercial, cleanroom and food processing industries.

Naidex 2020 Postponed until later in the year!


Naidex Postponed until later in the year!

Organisers, ROAR Media confirmed today the show will be postponed to later in the year, telling AMP that it had a duty of care to exhibitors and attendees to make the decision.

An official statement from ROAR Media explained: “While this is not a decision that has been taken lightly, we feel that it is the right one – not just for the care and health sector but for the wider community as a whole.”

In line with this directive, we at Strident would like to announce that as a company we are taking precautionary measures in line with health authorities and will be promoting online meetings with our customers, which will enable us to give the same level of care, whilst maintaining the face-2-face experience and of course reduce our carbon footprint.

Look out for your new experience with Strident as we go digital with face to face meetings!



The new dates for Naidex have been announced! Join us at the show on 9th & 10th November, at the NEC Birmingham.

Air vs Solid tyres for mobility scooters - choosing what’s best for each type of user

solid tyres for mobility scooters

As most will know, there are two main types of mobility scooter tyres, air (pneumatic) and solid. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the key differences between the two and how that helps to know which of the two is best for each user of mobility scooters.

What directs the choice between air or solid tyres for mobility scooters?

When it comes down to it, the choice between air or solid tyres is all down to the pattern of use and the user themselves. While a small number of mobility scooter brands only support one type of tyre, for the most part, there will be an option on what to use.

How to know what type of tyre is best for a mobility scooter user

There are lots of differences between air and solid tyres, but it’s usually quite easy to understand what the best for is for each person.

  • The quality of the ride -Air tyres provide a much smoother ride than solid tyres; this is due to the natural shock absorption that you get from air tyres. Solid tyres for mobility scooters have reduced natural shock absorption so the ride will be a little bumpier.
  • Durability -Solid tyres tend to be more durable and last longer than air tyres. This is because there are a lot fewer variables that can affect your tyres. For instance, you can’t under- or over-inflate solid tyres, and you’re not at risk of punctures with solid tyres.
  • The combined weight of the mobility scooter and user -Some mobility scooters are surprisingly heavy and, when combined with the weight of the user, this will have an impact on the longevity of your tyres. Weight tends to impact solid tyres and can damage them more than a high-quality pneumatic tyre.
  • What terrain you’re travelling on - The terrain driven on is one of the biggest factors that will help decide on whether air or solid mobility scooter tyres are best. If the user lives in town then surfaces tend to be smooth, and air tyres are fine. If the user travels across rough ground, like gravel surfaces, or where there may be glass in public areas, a solid tyre may be the better choice.
  • Price -Air tyres are cheaper than solid mobility scooter tyres. However, as some of the points above highlight, it may not always be best to opt for the cheaper option, e.g. the cost of repairing 2-3 punctures would outweigh the cost saving made on an air tyre.

Summary of what each tyre is best for

Air mobility scooter tyres are best suited to smooth, tarmacked surfaces, where there is minimal risk of tyre damage. On smooth, flat, surfaces, air tyres will offer a more comfortable ride and can provide longer ranges due to less tyre friction.

Solid tyres for mobility scooters are a must for recreational users. If a mobility scooter is often on gravel paths and in rural areas, then air tyres will carry a risk of a puncture. Also, solid tyres for mobility scooters tend to have more friction on the surface so in rural areas you will have better grip.

What can happen if you choose the wrong type of tyre?

If you happen to choose the type of tyre that's not best suited to your needs, then you will either be decreasing the potential lifespan of your tyres or may not be maximising the overall performance of your mobility scooter.

Here’s an example to show you what kind of impact that choosing the wrong type of tyre can have.

A regular pub-goer opted for air tyres on his mobility scooter, without actually thinking of the potential risks that are in and around a pub… the main one being broken glass! As a result, the owner kept getting punctures. If the user had opted for solid tyres, in the beginning, there would have been no risk of a puncture. So do choose wisely!

If you’re struggling to decide what tyres are best for a particular type of mobility scooter or a specific pattern of use, we would be happy to talk you through the choices and find out what is best.

Contact us today

If you’re looking to source good quality air and solid tyres, then make sure you look at our Strident tyre brochure.

solid tyres for mobility scooters

What makes a great mobility scooter tyre? See our short animation.

At Strident we have a wide range of hard-wearing, reliable, mobility tyres to suit many of today’s equipment needs. We hold large stocks of tyres for mobility scooters in both solid and pneumatic which have many benefits which are listed below and can be seen in the video below.

When searching for a great mobility scooter tyre as about the following:

  • Designed for longevity. If you have ever had to choose tyres for a car then you'll know that some are cheap and cheerful whilst others are designed for longevity. Look for a tyre that is designed to last.
  • Quality Assured. The tyres of your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair are crucial to their operation. Ask what quality approval scheme any tyres that you are being recommended come under.
  • Durable Rubber: If tyre rubber is too hard there is a potential safety risk as the level of traction may be lower when on the move. Take a good look at any tyres and touch them to see if the rubber is flexible and 'tacky'.
  • Comfortable Ride: If you get all of the above product features with a tyre purchase, then you have every chance of enjoying a comfortable and safe ride.



If you are looking for a great quality tyre or want to find out more about the benefits of Strident Traction Mobility Tyres then please do visit our Traction product page.


great mobility scooter tyresWe've also got a recent blog on how the state of your mobility scooter tyres can affect the performance of your scooter battery.  Read that article by clicking here.

How can wear on mobility scooter tyres affect battery performance?

guide to mobility scooter batteries

For anyone starting to experience poorer battery performance on a mobility scooter, one of the key factors that can have a big impact is the condition of the scooter tyres and, in particular, tyre wear.

So, if a mobility scooter isn’t performing as usual, don’t always assume it is just the battery to blame. While this might be true - and should be checked - you could be missing the actual reason as to why the battery is underperforming.

How does mobility scooter tyre wear affect battery performance?

When tyres become worn or are underinflated, this creates more friction on the surface as a result. In turn, this causes the motor (or motors) on the mobility scooter to work harder, and thus the battery will drain more quickly.

Preventing mobility scooter tyres from wearing

There are numerous ways to prevent tyre wear on a mobility scooter:

  1. Visually check the tyre tread depth and, if you can see that it’s running low, then it is time to think about a replacement. Also, check for any bald patches and tears that have appeared.
  2. If the mobility scooter has pneumatic tyres - ensure the mobility scooter’s tyres are inflated to the correct PSI. Underinflated tyres cause added friction and an overworking of the battery and motors. (Do not over-inflate though as this can increase the risk of a puncture or tyre blow-out.)
  3. Ensure the mobility scooter receives regular servicing. A professional will be able to advise on when a mobility scooter needs new tyres and can point out any safety issues.

What are the signs of mobility scooter tyre wear?

As with anything, when mobility scooter tyres begin to wear, you will notice some changes to the general ride of the mobility scooter.

Reduced mobility scooter range

One of the key signs that tyres are beginning to wear is a reduced range. It is very easy to think that the battery on the mobility scooter needs replacing when the range falls - but there may be nothing wrong with it, and it is underperforming only as a result of the tyres wearing.

Other signs of tyre wear are very different depending on whether the mobility scooter has pneumatic or solid tyres. Let’s talk you through what the signs are for both.

Pneumatic tyres:

  • Steering begins to feel heavier because of worn or flat tyres
  • Visual indicators that the tyres have become flat
  • Tyre treads are not very deep, and areas of the rubber are worn

Solid tyres:

  • Along with the external wear and tear, solid mobility scooter tyres have the potential to wear internally, which makes it hard to check the wear on the tyres visually.
  • A more likely sign of internal wear in solid tyres can be an uneven feel to the ride or look ‘underinflated’

What are the best mobility scooter tyres to use?

We would always recommend opting for tyres from reputable brands. Ask mobility scooter users what they have found to be reliable. You can also use the internet to look at forums for advice.

At Strident we stock tyres from two of the most reputable, established, brands in the mobility scooter industry - Cheng Shin and Innova.

The more ‘budget’ tyres will use a synthetic, cheaper rubber and, if you see one together with a ‘premium’ tyre, you will notice that the tread depth is less, which means that the tyre won’t last as long. You’ll also be able to feel how much thinner and lighter the material is on the budget tyre.

So our advice is very much to use a premium and a reputable brand, and that will ensure users are always maximising battery performance.

You may also want to consider whether you want to use a solid or air tyre.

To help decide what’s best for someones own personal use we’ve done another blog that compares air vs solid mobility scooter tyres.

Who should replace mobility scooter tyres?

Replacing a mobility scooter tyre isn’t an easy job that anybody can do, it requires specialist training and equipment. For example, when replacing a solid tyre, the tyre needs to be compressed before fitting to the wheel rim using specialist equipment.

When fitting solid tyres, there is a danger that if it is not fitted correctly, then it won’t grip the rims properly. This is a real safety hazard and puts the user at risk of having an accident.

Don’t put users at risk on a mobility scooter

Worn, underinflated or incorrectly fitted tyres not only impact battery performance but can carry a risk. No-one would drive a car on the road with worn tyres, so why would anyone use worn tyres on something as important as a mobility scooter?

Driving on worn tyres comes with risks, the major one being losing traction on a slope or turning a sharp corner. When mobility scooter tyres start to wear and become bald, there is an immediate risk of losing control. Please do make sure mobility scooters receive regular servicing and do visually check the tyres on a regular basis for signs of wear.

Why use Strident for your mobility scooter tyres?

At Strident, we only stock tyres from reputable brands, so you can be sure that you’re getting excellent quality. We also recognise that you may need to get hold of them quickly, so we hold all of our tyres in stock and so, in most cases, we can dispatch tyres on the same day.

Find out more about our tyres by downloading our brochure below.

strident premises swaffham

Strident is growing and moving to larger premises

IMPORTANT NEWS | Strident is moving to larger premises in Swaffham, Norfolk

2018 is proving to be a year of major expansion for Strident - both through increasing business with our trade partners and clients - but also through the growth of some new business streams with significant players in the Care and Mobility sectors.

So here are all the details of our move that we need to tell you about so that we can continue to serve you with as little disruption as possible.

Where are we going?

We are moving about 12 miles West from our home of many years, Dereham, to the town of Swaffham, Norfolk. A famous market town since the 14th Century, we are looking forward to settling into our new home. In our expanded facility, we have the space to store our whole range of battery, charger, tester and traction products and despatch them to you for next day delivery.

The full postal address for Strident from Monday 9th July will be:

50 Turbine Way, Ecotech Business & Innovation Park, Swaffham, Norfolk, PE37 7XD.  The phone line remains 01362 300102 and fax line remains 01362 300103. 

When are we closed and unable to process orders?

Our first full day of trading from Swaffham will be Monday 9th July and our last day, before the move, for despatching orders will be Wednesday 4th July.   If possible, we'd really appreciate it if you can order as quickly as possible this week if you need the products delivered in the next few days.

We hope to maintain our saleslines throughout the move, but clearly, that depends on our phone provider's installation schedule. It is possible there may be some disruption on 6th July.

You will be able to continue to communicate with us via email or fax throughout the whole of the move. 

Thank you once again for your support

Whether you are part of our distributor network and have bought Strident products for your mobility products, we are only expanding because of you. So thank you for your trust in the Strident brand, and we look forward to providing you with more choice and an even higher level of service from next week.




Thanks for visiting us at Naidex 2018 and viewing our mobility batteries, chargers, testers and tyres

Thank you for checking out our mobility batteries, chargers, testers and tyres at the Naidex 2018 Exhibition

A big thanks from the Strident team to all of you - retailers and users alike - who joined us at the Naidex 2018 Exhibition this week at the NEC Birmingham.   We enjoyed hearing your experiences of mobility products and answering any questions you had about the products we had on display.

Common discussion points included:

  • making mobility batteries in scooters, lifters and hoists last longer
  • getting the maximum range out of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs
  • when to use the many different kinds of batteries available
  • the tasks that determine the best choice of battery


More to come...

We'll be writing some blogs to cover the answers to many of the questions asked. Until then, here are a few pictures from set-up to close of our time at the show.



naidex 2018 exhibitors

Naidex 2018 Exhibitors | Strident exhibiting mobility batteries, chargers, testers and tyres

Looking for battery or tyre providers amongst the Naidex 2018 Exhibitors? Come to Stand Number: 13166

The Strident team are looking forward to joining the Naidex 2018 Exhibitors on the 25th and 26th of April 2018 at the NEC Birmingham.   Picking up on the theme of the Naidex Exhibition - Innovations for the Future of Independent Living - Strident will have their innovative battery technology on display. Included in this will be a range of chargers and testers to make sure you keep your mobility batteries in optimum condition.  Finally, Strident have a traction range with tyres for all kinds of wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

You can see our full exhibitor entry and an introductory video in the Exhibitors section of Naidex Exhibition website.

Ask Strident a question about batteries, chargers and testers

If you are looking for inspiration as to how to look after the batteries and tyres upon which you depend, then we'd welcome a few minutes of your time on the stand. We love to answer questions - however random! Ask us:

  • how to get the maximum range out of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs
  • how to make mobility batteries in scooters, lifters and hoists last longer
  • about the different kinds of batteries available
  • which battery is the right one for which task etc.

You'll find us at stand number 13166.

naidex 2018 exhibition

Why Strident?

If you have not already come across Strident products in your local or online retailer, here is a quick rundown of why you should take a look while attending the Naidex 2018 Exhibition.

Why use our batteries?

Today it is apparent that there is no universal battery to fit every application. We recognised this at Strident and invested in R & D and extensive product testing. The result is a battery that is ideally suited for the medical market, one that will sustain high demands of constant use and will perform to a high number of cycles. This battery gives dependent users the confidence in having power when and where they need it.

Why use our chargers and testers?

The consistency of charge produces optimum battery performance. As such, the Strident range of chargers has been carefully selected to provide that consistency. By utilising the three critical stages required for quality battery charging, the Strident range gives the peace of mind to achieve the very best from your equipment. With the use of the Strident intelligent three-stage charging technique, premature battery failure is significantly reduced by ensuring the correct levels of charge are applied at every stage regardless of size. This technique eliminates the risk of gassing that is often caused by overcharging by traditional single-stage charging. Furthermore, this also maintains plate quality at its best performance level by reducing compound breakdown.

Why use our traction products?

With over 15 years experience in the mobility industry, Strident is well placed to offer the broadest range of high-quality mobility consumables including a full range of mobility tyres. Whether you are looking for Tyres, Tubes, Pneumatic or Solid, you will find a solution for your traction needs.

Finding your way to see the Naidex 2018 Exhibitors

national battery day free delivery

Celebrate National Battery Day 18th February with free delivery all week

free delivery mobility batteries

It's worth celebrating National Battery Day

On February 18th each year we apparently celebrate National Battery Day, Drink Wine Day and, most bizarre of all, Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. We will leave it to the winemakers and ice cream makers to promote their respective days - but we would like to stick with what we know best and promote National Battery Day!

So often we take for granted this amazing device that allows electricity to be carried around, well away from wires and chargers. We are all probably carrying many batteries around with us all day for devices such as phones, watches, key fobs, fitness devices, etc. The battery is not often seen – but it makes quite a lot of things possible.

For a significant number of people in the UK, batteries play an even more significant role – providing mobility and healthcare solutions for the disabled, injured, infirm or aged. To these groups, the battery that sits in their mobility scooter, powered wheelchair, personal hoist or riser chair makes many things possible.

How to celebrate National Battery Day

It may be a little too much to buy your mobility or healthcare battery a card or a bunch of flowers – however close to Valentines Day we are – but you could:

  • CHECK your batteries. The health of your battery is essential when it powers something that you depend upon.
  • CHARGE your batteries. Different batteries need different maintenance and charging regimes. We have articles on battery care that you can take a look at.
  • REPLACE old or unreliable batteries. Sadly, no battery lasts forever so don’t get caught out and replace ones at the end of their life. Here is where we really can help if you would like to call our Advice Line and see what would be the best replacement battery for your particular circumstances.

Our contribution to National Battery Day

In recognition of this annual celebration, we would like to offer FREE DELIVERY on any battery order placed with us during the week starting with National Battery Day. So from Sunday 18th February to Saturday 24th February, there will be no delivery charges added to your order.

The best thing to do is to call us on 01362 300102 or you can browse our online batteries catalogue and submit an enquiry.

We wish you a very happy, ‘flat-battery-free’, National Battery Day!

mobility same day dispatch

Strident now offer same day dispatch for mobility products up to 3.30pm

Better service for your mobility and health customers with less stock

mobility same day dispatchHave you considered the effect on your business if you could speed up your service turnaround yet not have the cost of increased stock holding? We've heard our partners ask if there is anything we can do as their main battery suppliers to help.

Strident has found in our discussions with the mobility and health sectors that quick and reliable deliveries are key to our partners. As such, we are pleased to announce that we can now offer you same day dispatch up to 3:30 pm at no extra cost.

Would this help your company's goals of better service levels and lower stock levels?

Please do contact us if you feel you could benefit from this enhanced service. Simply complete the form below and we'll get in touch.