Dedicated to providing reliable power that exceeds your expectations.

Dating back to the early 1930’s engineering has run in the family history. From humble beginnings Strident started its journey under the name of Ivanhoe, Through the journey of time Ivanhoe evolved into Strident and has emerged a respected brand in the power supply market. Today we continue to build on the foundation of consistency in the two key elements of success: Quality service and quality products.

At Strident we believe that it’s only when these two elements are merged harmoniously together will our customers receive what they deserve – the very best and nothing less.


Ivanhoe was formed

Named after the legendary Ivanhoe based in the beautiful hills and valleys which lie between Sheffield and Doncaster was known for its distinctive leadership in battle – marked by power and strategy at every move.


External logistics and quality control

2006 saw the introduction of external logistics (3PL) and quality control. A decision made to further enhance the passion for consistent product quality and fuelled by the desire to offer unrivalled customer service.


The birth of the Strident Brand

The 8th June 2008 was a day to celebrate – the birth of the Strident brand. Named for its bold and powerful nature, one that can be relied on in the toughest of environments.


Relocation to Doncaster

True to its name, the Strident brand gained respect in marketplace allowing the company to relocate to new, larger offices in Doncaster.


Ivanhoe Trading Ltd

To further enhance growth the introduction of new directors into the company led to the commencement of Ivanhoe Trading Ltd incorporating in September 2012, a massive step forward in the company’s history. At this point Ivanhoe underwent a brand refresh and introduced new brochures to further establish its identity in the marketplace.


Head office relocation

We opened the doors of the new head office and expanded the team to further pursue the vision of success in becoming the market leader in medical battery power.


ISO accreditation

Further motivated by the power to succeed, Strident gained the ISO certification of quality 9001 along with the environmental standard of 14001. With renewed and increased focus on R & D and working closely with many respected global companies, 2015 is a very exciting year with many new initiatives and advancements coming to fruition.



1st July 2016 is a key milestone in the journey to success, it marks the strategic move to become who we are today – STRIDENT. This move forward comes after 15 years of continual improvement. Today we continue our commitment to provide excellent products with unrivalled customer service.


Logistics relocation

In order to take customer service to a whole new level, one that we had not known before the entire logistics operation was brought in house. This was the start of our team expansion to facilitate a slick and efficient operation to enhance the customer experience.


Premises upgrade

Following the successes of the previous years, Strident was able to relocate to larger premises giving increased scope for stock holding. Our offices and distribution is based in the heart of rural Norfolk where we can service our nationwide distributor network.


IT upgrade

With efficiency and automation in focus and the desire to increase our customer experience even higher, Strident invested heavily into IT software and infrastructure upgrades. It was the year we implemented a full ERP system which allows us to care for customers more.


Expansion plan

As we emerged through the global pandemic of COVID-19, Strident has a clear expansion plan in place, Further investments in computerised warehousing and added key members to the team, Strident is on a journey and we have a string team with us.


Our Strident™ range uses the highest quality raw materials, integrated with consistent quality control throughout the entire production process giving it unique properties that can be trusted and relied upon in many vital applications.

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With over 15 years experience in the mobility industry, Ivanhoe are perfectly placed to offer the widest range of high quality mobility consumables including mobility tyres, batteries and chargers.

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Here at Strident we hold a large range of products for some of the most vital applications, from healthcare, fire, and security through to large UPS systems. We specialise in providing you the products that are fit for your application.

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“We are dedicated to providing reliable power that exceeds your expectations.”

Working with Strident is not just another transaction, we take pride in the products we supply and provide a level of service that is unrivalled in the market place. Our dedicated customer care team offer you detailed support right from initial enquiry, through the transaction process and on to aftersales support.


Dedicated to providing reliable power that exceeds your expectations.

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