Battery power is at the heart of so many people’s lives, the world is becoming less dependent on the grid for power, and we all are becoming more mobile in so many different ways. With every new tech that comes to the market there is greater demand on battery energy.

Strident is acutely aware with the world’s technological advancement together with the focus on reducing our environmental impact, batteries are required to work even harder in a fast-paced environment. We invest a lot of resources to research and provide reliable power every time and are confident that with our UK based quality control procedures, failures are rare. However, there are many influences that can cause a battery to fail prematurely, and our team will work with you to identify an issue in order to help you provide the highest level of support to end recipient.

Should you wish to raise a claim, please ‘click here’ to make your application and a member of our customer service team will be in touch very soon.