Looking for battery or tyre providers amongst the Naidex 2018 Exhibitors? Come to Stand Number: 13166

The Strident team are looking forward to joining the Naidex 2018 Exhibitors on the 25th and 26th of April 2018 at the NEC Birmingham.   Picking up on the theme of the Naidex Exhibition – Innovations for the Future of Independent Living – Strident will have their innovative battery technology on display. Included in this will be a range of chargers and testers to make sure you keep your mobility batteries in optimum condition.  Finally, Strident have a traction range with tyres for all kinds of wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

You can see our full exhibitor entry and an introductory video in the Exhibitors section of Naidex Exhibition website.

Ask Strident a question about batteries, chargers and testers

If you are looking for inspiration as to how to look after the batteries and tyres upon which you depend, then we’d welcome a few minutes of your time on the stand. We love to answer questions – however random! Ask us:

  • how to get the maximum range out of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs
  • how to make mobility batteries in scooters, lifters and hoists last longer
  • about the different kinds of batteries available
  • which battery is the right one for which task etc.

You’ll find us at stand number 13166.

naidex 2018 exhibition

Why Strident?

If you have not already come across Strident products in your local or online retailer, here is a quick rundown of why you should take a look while attending the Naidex 2018 Exhibition.

Why use our batteries?

Today it is apparent that there is no universal battery to fit every application. We recognised this at Strident and invested in R & D and extensive product testing. The result is a battery that is ideally suited for the medical market, one that will sustain high demands of constant use and will perform to a high number of cycles. This battery gives dependent users the confidence in having power when and where they need it.

Why use our chargers and testers?

The consistency of charge produces optimum battery performance. As such, the Strident range of chargers has been carefully selected to provide that consistency. By utilising the three critical stages required for quality battery charging, the Strident range gives the peace of mind to achieve the very best from your equipment. With the use of the Strident intelligent three-stage charging technique, premature battery failure is significantly reduced by ensuring the correct levels of charge are applied at every stage regardless of size. This technique eliminates the risk of gassing that is often caused by overcharging by traditional single-stage charging. Furthermore, this also maintains plate quality at its best performance level by reducing compound breakdown.

Why use our traction products?

With over 15 years experience in the mobility industry, Strident is well placed to offer the broadest range of high-quality mobility consumables including a full range of mobility tyres. Whether you are looking for Tyres, Tubes, Pneumatic or Solid, you will find a solution for your traction needs.

Finding your way to see the Naidex 2018 Exhibitors