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It’s worth celebrating National Battery Day

On February 18th each year we apparently celebrate National Battery Day, Drink Wine Day and, most bizarre of all, Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. We will leave it to the winemakers and ice cream makers to promote their respective days – but we would like to stick with what we know best and promote National Battery Day!

So often we take for granted this amazing device that allows electricity to be carried around, well away from wires and chargers. We are all probably carrying many batteries around with us all day for devices such as phones, watches, key fobs, fitness devices, etc. The battery is not often seen – but it makes quite a lot of things possible.

For a significant number of people in the UK, batteries play an even more significant role – providing mobility and healthcare solutions for the disabled, injured, infirm or aged. To these groups, the battery that sits in their mobility scooter, powered wheelchair, personal hoist or riser chair makes many things possible.

How to celebrate National Battery Day

It may be a little too much to buy your mobility or healthcare battery a card or a bunch of flowers – however close to Valentines Day we are – but you could:

  • CHECK your batteries. The health of your battery is essential when it powers something that you depend upon.
  • CHARGE your batteries. Different batteries need different maintenance and charging regimes. We have articles on battery care that you can take a look at.
  • REPLACE old or unreliable batteries. Sadly, no battery lasts forever so don’t get caught out and replace ones at the end of their life. Here is where we really can help if you would like to call our Advice Line and see what would be the best replacement battery for your particular circumstances.

Our contribution to National Battery Day

In recognition of this annual celebration, we would like to offer FREE DELIVERY on any battery order placed with us during the week starting with National Battery Day. So from Sunday 18th February to Saturday 24th February, there will be no delivery charges added to your order.

The best thing to do is to call us on 01362 300102 or you can browse our online batteries catalogue and submit an enquiry.

We wish you a very happy, ‘flat-battery-free’, National Battery Day!