At Strident we have a wide range of hard-wearing, reliable, mobility tyres to suit many of today’s equipment needs. We hold large stocks of tyres for mobility scooters in both solid and pneumatic which have many benefits which are listed below and can be seen in the video below.

When searching for a great mobility scooter tyre as about the following:

  • Designed for longevity. If you have ever had to choose tyres for a car then you’ll know that some are cheap and cheerful whilst others are designed for longevity. Look for a tyre that is designed to last.
  • Quality Assured. The tyres of your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair are crucial to their operation. Ask what quality approval scheme any tyres that you are being recommended come under.
  • Durable Rubber: If tyre rubber is too hard there is a potential safety risk as the level of traction may be lower when on the move. Take a good look at any tyres and touch them to see if the rubber is flexible and ‘tacky’.
  • Comfortable Ride: If you get all of the above product features with a tyre purchase, then you have every chance of enjoying a comfortable and safe ride.



If you are looking for a great quality tyre or want to find out more about the benefits of Strident Traction Mobility Tyres then please do visit our Traction product page.


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