Strident Innovations have recently launched our newest innovation, the Advanced Carbon GEL Batteries, which offer a range of advantages over the traditional lead-acid battery, ie. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat).

When it comes to comparing the use of AGM batteries and Advanced Carbon GEL batteries, there are many advantages of using both. So, you ask yourself, which one is going to suit me best?

AGM Batteries, as we know, are currently the most popular battery in the mobility market. It has always been used in this market and we already know of the advantages.

Then there are the Carbon GEL batteries, which if you are unsure what these are, it is a battery that uses a carbon composite negative plate in addition to the standard lead positive plate. Make sense? Maybe not, but this can give you a whole load of advantages, hear me out…

Faster charging and discharging. 

The carbon composite negative plate allows for faster ion transfer, which means that the battery can be charged and discharged more quickly. This is especially beneficial for deep cycle applications such as mobility scooters.  

Longer lifespan. 

The carbon composite negative plate also helps to reduce sulfation which as we know is the cause of premature failure. As a result, carbon GEL batteries have significantly increased cycle life than an AGM battery. 

Better performance at high temperatures. 

Carbon GEL batteries are less sensitive to high temperatures than AGM batteries. This makes them a good choice for applications where the battery will be exposed to high or fluctuation temperatures. 

Low self-discharge rate. 

The self-discharge rate of a battery is the rate at which it loses its charge when it is not in use. Carbon GEL batteries have a low self-discharge rate, which means that they can be stored for long periods of time without losing much of their charge. 

In summary, the advanced carbon gel battery has many attractive benefits for the discerning users, and these do come with higher price point. However, when you consider the longer-term savings of increased cycle life alone meaning you won’t have to replace so soon, even in harsh applications the Carbon Gel will in fact start to make you savings very quickly. 


Well, now how do I choose which battery works for me? 

You need to take into a number of factors, including: 

Your budget: AGM batteries are initially more affordable than Carbon GEL batteries, however, when factoring in the less frequent replacements the Advanced Carbon Gel very quickly return a saving. 

Your needs: If you operate equipment in a harsh, demanding environment and expect a lot from your battery power, you will need a battery with a longer lifespan and good performance, the advanced Carbon GEL battery is the right choice. If you are on a budget, stick with the AGM battery is a good option. 

The environment: If you live in a hot, hilly or rough terrain environment, or maybe you just enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors which leads you across fields and other harsh terrain then the Advance Carbon Gel is the battery for you. On the other and, if you a short run user of equipment that nips to the shop once a week, then you would be more suited AGM technology. 

Is the Advanced Gel Battery technology for everyone? It’s for the discerning user who is looking to maximise the battery life and return on investment.