When Alessandro Volta invented the first ever battery all the way back in 1800, I’m sure he had no idea that in 2019, more and more products would start to become battery-powered, as opposed to using fossil fuel.

One thing’s for sure: he definitely didn’t know that on February 18th every year, we would be celebrating National Battery Day.

Although we are all most likely carrying around numerous battery-powered devices with us such as phones, watches, laptops, and tablets, we never seem to think about what the world might be like if batteries didn’t exist. As such, we’re calling the battery ‘the unsung hero’ on this year’s national battery day.

Batteries play a significant role in the mobility and healthcare sectors, allowing disabled, injured, or elderly people to have the freedom of movement that any able-bodied person would have. The battery that sits within their mobility scooter power chair or other device makes this free movement possible.

How can you celebrate National Battery Day?

National Battery Day is the perfect opportunity to check that your batteries are in working order.

If you are the user of mobility equipment, make contact with your retailer and ask them to check your batteries health to ensure peak performance and longevity. If you are a mobility shop, check out the Strident tester to ensure you give your clients consistently reliable test results.

In the same way, you take care of your heart which is at the centre of your being, take care of your equipment’s battery as these are at the heart of your mobility and independence.
Your body requires sleep to re-energise, so also a battery requires charging. Without a consistent charge current, your battery’s lifetime will be drastically reduced. A regular charger check is recommended to ensure your batteries get the best chance of life.

Remember: National battery day 18th February

If you find that the test returns poor results, then it might be time to replace your old battery. Using your mobility scooter with an unreliable can result in sudden failure and may leave you caught out when you least expect it.

If you’re looking for a reliable battery, take a look at our catalogue to find the best one for you. If you’re unsure which one best suits your mobility scooter then call us on 01362 300102 so we can assist you in finding the right one.

What are we doing for National Battery Day?

This year, for National Battery Day, we are giving away a free box of Industrial AA batteries with every mobility order received on National Battery Day.

If you have any questions about the offer, please give us a call on 01362 300102 and we’ll be able to assist you.

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