When looking to purchase a power supply for vital (or even life-critical) equipment, quality and reliability are essential characteristics to look out for. But with so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to differentiate between a quality product and a potentially inferior one.

So how exactly do you identify a quality valve regulated lead acid battery?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to every type of power requirement, there are specific features to look out for which provide an excellent idea of where to start.

Quality Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

Valve Regulation

Valve regulated batteries allow the required level of venting, both in-use and more importantly during the charging process. This means excess gases can safely escape the battery, preventing swelling and damage to the product. Valve regulation is key to both Lead Acid and Gel technology, however, due the nature of the technology, venting is most critical with Lead Acid.

Plate Separators

A critical component of high performing batteries – plate separators ensure consistent spacing between plates, resulting in increased battery efficiency and longevity. Lead acid technology requires high-quality absorbent glass matting otherwise known as AGM. The quality of this matting is important to ensure correct porosity, which influences the contact of active electrolyte to the plates. Purity is another important factor in the separator to ensure no contaminants are introduced causing impedance to the battery efficiency.

In the case of Gel technology, the separator needs to be a high performing polymer which acts to retain the gelled electrolyte between plates. A poor quality polymer separator can result in crystallisation of the electrolyte leading to underperforming battery and premature failure.

Plate Composition

Purified lead, specifically blended with critical conductive properties are essential to quality performance in both cyclic and standby applications.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest performing products, there are a number of internationally respected standards that you should look for on any brand. The minimum level would be ISO9001 which monitors consistent quality. ISO14001 ensure the manufacturing facility operates to highest level of environmental standards.

All Strident batteries undergo stringent quality control both at the manufacture stage and pre-dispatch. This ensures our customers only draw the most reliable source of power. Be sure to ask your supplier about their quality assurance process for complete peace of mind.

Quality Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

For over 15 years Strident has invested large amounts of time and money in research, development and innovation in battery power, to ensure our products are suited to the high demands of the medical sector, demands that will sustain deep discharge and cyclic applications.

Our team have gained a vast knowledge of the requirements in the medical market and are always happy to assist with any queries you may have

You can contact us by phone on +44 (0)1362 300102, email us at sales@strident.uk.com, or reach us via our contact page, and we can arrange an inspiring presentation at a location and time that’s convenient to you.

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