Strident S24

The power to deliver.

The S24 service is about Strident supporting you, to minimise ‘Lockdown’ supply line disruption to your business and customers.

More than ever now, as the digital trend of online shopping increases and the ability to meet customers face to face is limited, quick and reliable service to deliver to customers is at the upmost importance.

What is the value of S24 to you?

Do you have a customer that needs a product quickly?

Are you looking to minimise stockholding?

Do you have engineers away from the workshop?

If your answer is yes to any one of these simple scenarios, then the Strident S24 service will bring you value

With 3rd party delivery available at no extra cost, S24 gives you the option to deliver goods to your engineer’s location or direct to your customer for those time critical demands. Our same day despatch of orders placed by 3:30 pm and closely partnering with reputable carrier companies this ensures the reliable 24hr next day delivery of any product you order goes straight to your specified address anywhere in UK mainland. Furthermore, if in the unlikely event we are unable to fulfil our same day despatch for any reason we will proactively call you to advise. If that isn’t enough, for your total peace of mind, despatches can be made using our plain label option which ensure your order carries no identifying marks or labels that could indicate where the consignment was despatched from. That’s what we call the S24 service, its engineered to support our distributors.

S24 has evolved from our renowned passion for impeccable customer service. In today’s commercial and environmental climate it’s even more necessary to not only provide our distributors with unrivalled service and care but also the end user of Strident products so when we despatch your parcel to any delivery address, the safety and protection is paramount – we offer a ‘touch-free’ delivery service which is yet another simple service offered but ensures the safety and wellbeing of you and your customers.

In summary, your shop may not be open, you may be working from home, you have reduced or even no space for stock holding, but with Strident S24 service, this can make easy even easier with delivery next day, direct to site shipping and with complete peace of mind in the current global climate.

There will be more updates on ways Strident is adapting to the current climate but there is one area we continually strive to improve and that is the support for our valued distributors – watch out for more developments soon


Are your customers batteries fit for purpose?


As lockdown is eased and customers are beginning to use their mobility equipment for the first time in a few months, it is time to check if their batteries are fit for purpose.

The Strident range of mobility batteries and chargers have been developed to offer optimum levels of performance and reliability to all mobility equipment users.

We also have a range of back to work products to help you ensure your workplace and showrooms are thoroughly sanitised for both your staff and your customers.

If you would like to find out more contact Strident on 01362300102 or email

Sterilo+ Antimicrobial Copper Overlays

Antimicrobial copper protection has been proven to be the most effectively natural killer of bacteria and viruses. Adding our Sterilo+ Antimicrobial copper overlays to areas of high touch areas such as doors, equipment or push buttons will help keep your workplace safe.

Retrofit protection for high touch areas such as doors, equipment or push buttons, are supplied as a removable, easy-stick overlay. The inherent properties of antimicrobial copper will destroy harmful microbes, improving the safety and wellbeing of your staff.

Suitable for use in medical, transport, commercial, cleanroom and food processing industries.

Strident Sanitation Products - Fogging Machine

We have a new portable and effective infection control system fogging machine available to help get your business back on track during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This machine is designed to help you ensure that your business meets the current government cleaning routine regulations for your workplace.

With features such as easy operation, multiple spray nozzles for different droplet size, atomised liquid for a very fine fog, this fogging machine is designed for disinfecting, sterilisation, air purification, anti-virus, disease prevention and much more. Perfect for many clinical workplaces, as well as hotels, care homes, gyms and offices, this Strident Fogging Machine is perfect for helping your business during this pandemic.

To find out how our Strident Sanitation Products can help your business, call 01362300102 or email for more information.

Strident Sterilo+ Range

We have a new growing range of personal hygiene products to help you keep your workplace clean and safe against the Covid-19 pandemic. These products are a range of high quality sanitiser products ideal for hand and workplace sanitising. Learn more here.


This range is to ensure that you can protect yourself and your team during the pandemic, by ensuring your workplace is clean and safe. These products will not only protect but will also ensure you are compliant with government guidelines.

The journey has only just begun, be sure to get on board today – there is a lot more to see as we head to the unknown of the ‘new norm’, please see our growing range of products here:

Strident Social Distancing Products

During the current global pandemic, we know how important it is to have the correct procedures and safety in place in your workplace, to ensure safety for both your staff and your customers. We have a new and growing range of social distancing products to help you begin to get your business back on track and safe.

These products will not only help you to ensure that you are following government guidelines within your workplace, but it will also give customers and staff members peace of mind that they are safe on your premises.

You can view our range of products here.

To find out more, email or call 01362300102 and see how we can help you during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Save with Strident


Welcome to the Save with Strident distributor support campaign.

Giving is one of the most under used tool in business, and without giving and sharing, our goals are seldom reached.

This distributor support programme is about giving the end-user the opportunity to enjoy their freedom by using Strident Power, plus it’s also about giving you, our distributor network, more opportunities to offer your customers an incentive to buy into and encourage brand loyalty, both yours and ours.

So how does this work?

Two ways.

  1. Over the next few weeks at Naidex, our team will be giving away vouchers to end users who own their equipment and may be in the market to buy within the next few months. These users will arrive at your store and present the voucher and if you are willing to accept you will deduct the amount off the final invoice ideally showing the voucher number.
  2. Another way this could be used is for you and your team to distribute to persons you feel would benefit from experiencing the power behind the Strident brand. Why not visit our stand at Naidex to obtain your free vouchers.

How do I claim the money back from Strident?

Whether the enquiry comes to you or you promote it to your customer, the processes is the same.

So, if you replace from Strident stock you currently hold then record the two serial numbers, the product code together with the user name and send to Strident with the voucher number to where we will authorise the claim and raise a credit to your account for the same amount.

Alternatively, should you need to purchase stock from Strident, please quote the unique voucher reference number and the user name when placing the order and the amount will be deducted off the invoice to you

Order can be place by emailing or phone 44(0)1362300102

This can be put on a credit account if facilities exist. Alternatively payment will be required with order

So, you find yourself asking what’s in it for me?

In short – you will receive happy, loyal returning customers and potentially customers new to you and the Strident brand.

We recommend that when replacing batteries you look at other associated products such tyres and chargers too, as both of these vital components impact the longevity of the battery and if not cared for can drastically reduce performance.

In summary, this is a win – win campaign. Strident offers great products together with unrivalled service, we want you to experience the power of this promotion, use it wisely but generously and remember, we will only be accepting one claim (pair of batteries) against each voucher.

We wish you all the best as we move into 2020 together.

A Big Thank You to All Our Customers and Christmas Hours!


We want to say a big thank you to every customer who has placed  an order with Strident through 2019, it is appreciated.

As we head towards another exciting year of 2020 we wanted to let you know that we will be taking a break at the end of the month. This break gives our team not only the opportunity to rest and socialise, but will give the opportunity to reflect on the past in order to train for the future so we can continue to satisfy your expectations in January 2020.

Our offices will be closing at 12:00pm Tuesday 24th Dec 2019 and reopening Friday 3rd January 2020. Thursday 2nd is our annual team training day.

Have a wonderful holiday and a prosperous 2020 from us all at Strident!

Free Carriage on all orders until the end of 2019!

The team at Strident are celebrating another fantastic year of business, so we wanted to share our celebration and are offering Free Carriage on all orders for delivery to UK mainland until the end of 2019!

Contact us now for more information!

Tool Up for Winter with Strident!

Heading into the end of the year it's best practise to service equipment before they are put away for the winter.

The Strident range of mobility focused tools and consumables are designed to assist essential mobility maintenance tasks required at this time of the year.

Contact us now to find out more about our mobility focused tools and consumables range!