If you are looking for a 24v 5Amp mobility scooter battery charger, then here is a review of one of Strident Batteries’ most popular products – the Strident CHE Charger CHE24-5.  This is one of the top selling battery chargers in the Strident range and is recognised by mobility and disability equipment installers and maintenance companies for some industry leading features.

But aren’t all 24-volt battery chargers the same?

Are all battery chargers the same?  We don’t think so – and given the vital role of a mobility scooter battery charger, we believe users need to have peace of mind that they can get the very best from their batteries. In addition to the quality of the battery itself, the battery charger plays a key role in achieving optimum battery performance.

What does a 24-volt battery charger need to offer in a mobility or medical setting?

The main factors that relate to the requirements for mobility and medical batteries:

1.     Correct levels of charge need to be applied to every stage of recharging

2.     Eliminate any risk of gassing caused by overcharging

3.     The recharging process doesn’t damage the battery plates

How does Strident’s 24v 5Amp scooter battery recharger meet those requirements?

24v 5ah mobility scooter battery charger
All Strident Battery chargers use an intelligent three-stage charging process in order to meet all of the requirements listed above. The three stages  are:

 Stage 1: Bulk Charge

Where charging current is set to the maximum safety level. Continuing until the voltage has increased to 80 – 90% of the full charge level.

 Stage 2: Absorption Charge

The charging voltage remains constant, whilst the current reduces due to the increase in internal resistance. It is during this stage that the charging  voltage is at its highest.

Stage 3: Float Charge

Once the battery has reached optimum charge level this final stage helps to increase the longevity of the battery because the charging voltage and current is significantly reduced which maintains the battery at peak charge. Through the units intelligent monitoring of the battery condition this final and critical stage reduces the risk of gassing and minimises the possibility of self-discharge.

Through utilising our range of chargers you can be assured that your batteries are being charged, conditioned, and maintained to ensure peak performance and longevity.

Strident Service on top of the technology

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