If you are looking for a 12v 7ah rated AGM Battery for use with a Mobility Scooter or Medical Hoist, then here is a review of the Strident Batteries AGM GP12-7.  This is one of the best selling batteries in the Strident range and recognised by mobility and disability equipment installers and maintenance companies for some industry leading features.

But all 12 volt batteries are the same…aren’t they?

What is the purpose of a review if every battery is the same?  Well, if you consider that these standard valve regulated lead acid rechargeable batteries were first launched in the 1970’s, you won’t be surprised that there design and performance has evolved somewhat since then.

What does a 12 volt rechargeable battery need to offer in a mobility or medical setting?

There are 3 main factors that feature in the requirements for mobility and medical batteries:

1.     The ability to sustain high demands of constant use

2.     Being able to perform a high number of operational cycles

3.     Trust from dependent users that it will perform when and where it is needed

How does Strident’s 12v 7ah battery meet those requirements?

Strident AGM 12v 7ah Battery
Strident AGM Battery
  • Valve Regulated. The performance of the valve equipment is to key to the effectiveness and longevity of a battery – particularly when it comes to charging. Strident use the highest specification for optimal venting.
  • Quality Control. A stringent testing procedure at both point of manufacture and point of despatch is essential. The second check is as crucial as the first and so Strident test each battery going out of its automated central warehouse.
  • Plate Separator. All high performing batteries need to have a plate separator system for increased efficiency and longevity. Strident use a superior quality glass matting separator in all AGM batteries and high performing polymer in Gel battery range.
  • Plate Composition. To give maximum performance during both cyclic and standby applications, Strident use a purified lead blended with critical conductive properties.



Strident Service on top of the technology

If the technical review of our 12v 7ah battery is not enough information, then we can also share this review of the whole Strident experience from a recent customer.

I chose this mobility battery for 3 reasons. Reasonably priced, fast delivery (also here when they were meant to be), and finally – VERY good quality! No problems with recharging them and they are fully charged in about 3 hours.

Thanks so very much.
AS June 2016

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