As we near the end of the year, we will now start to see all the lists of “top things in 2016”. So, we are going to strike first and declare the 12v 34ah mobility battery THE most popular battery for the mobility vehicle market.

Whilst we won’t pretend to have done a statistically representative poll of the whole market, we have seen the 12v 34ah battery consistently be our best seller through our large network of mobility distributors.   So why is this?

First of all due to Scooter Manufacturers

The first simple reason for this high demand is that the 12v 34ah is one of the most popular industry standard batteries that mobility scooter manufacturers put on their vehicles.   They specify such a deep cycle rechargeable battery to match the typical pattern of use that a mobility scooter gets.

Secondly – The balance of power output and length of operation

If you think of the contrast between a car battery and a mobility scooter battery, the car battery is used predominantly for a short burst of high energy to start the car. This kind of battery is never propelling the car!

A mobility scooter, however, has a different requirement and the battery is typically going to be for a more constant use e.g. driving the scooter from a house to local shops or for a visit to friends and family. The battery is, of course, propelling the vehicle, which takes a certain amount of energy to achieve.

For the average user weight and travelling distance required, the 12volt battery rated at 34 amp hours (AH) would suffice in the majority of applications

Performance vs Budget

Finally, we believe the popularity of this 12v 34ah battery is due to the match between performance and cost. There are always more powerful batteries but costs start to rise. Cheaper batteries either don’t hold the charge or don’t deliver enough operating time to make them a good choice.  So the 12v 34ah does seem to be in a good price/performance place for the average scooter.

Why use Strident’s 12v 34ah mobility battery

Take a look on our batteries page to see an outline of the key features of our batteries that make them work so well with mobility scooters, our range of high performing medical batteries extends to other medical devices like patient hoists. There are a few things in our design that optimise battery performance and life.

Specific details of our best seller can be clicking the image below:

12v 34ah mobility battery from Strident